CuLator™ Metal Remover

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CuLator™ Metal Remover

Product Description

CuLator® is the only way to rapidly and permanently remove copper, iron, manganese, nickel, cobalt,lead and silver from fresh, hard and salt water pools, spas and fountains. CuLator is nontoxic, and does not remove the beneficial form of metal found in mineral-based water purification products, such as those containing silver and copper. Rather, CuLator rapidly removes the bad form of the metal produced when these products lose their effectiveness.
The CuLator packaging is made of nontoxic biodegradable materials. It is common for the lettering printed on CuLator PowerPak cloth bags to fade or dissolve during use. This does not affect the product's effectiveness, nor does it introduce any harmful materials into the water or filtration system. Contains polu octadecyl-butanedioate.
  • Simply place a flow-through PowerPak in the skimmer basket to eliminate metals and prevent stains.
  • As water passes over the PowerPak, metals attach to the CuLator inside the bag and are permanently eliminated.
  • When done, simply throw the bag away.

It's that easy and completely biodegradable after disposal!